A description of the american air products and chemicals inc

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Competition in these products is principally on the basis of price, quality, product performance, reliability of product supply, and technical service assistance. The Company purchases its chemical intermediates from many sources and generally is not dependent on one supplier.

In its other chemical products, the Company competes with a large number of chemical companies, some of which are larger, possess greater financial resources, and are more vertically integrated than the Company. The Company characterizes the availability of these chemical intermediates as generally being readily available.

Air Products produces semiconductor materials, refinery hydrogennatural gas liquefaction LNG technology and equipmentepoxy additives, gas cabinetsadvanced coatings and adhesives. The award was presented during the 25th Annual WateReuse Symposium.

Air Products & Chemicals

The polymer emulsions and pressure-sensitive adhesives joint venture with Wacker-Chemie GmbH has headquarters in the United States and production facilities in the United States, Germany, Mexico, and Korea, along with a technical service center in Shanghai, China.

In the United States reimbursement levels are established by fee schedules regulated by Medicare and Medicaid, or by the levels negotiated with insurance companies.

The possibility of back integration by large customers is the major competitive factor for the sale of polyurethane additives.

Air Products & Chemicals Inc

Air Products, through subsidiaries and affiliates, conducts business in numerous countries outside the United States.

However, with respect to vinyl acetate monomer that supports the performance polymer business, the Company is heavily dependent on a single supplier under a long-term contract that produces vinyl acetate monomer from several facilities.

The chemicals business segment produces and markets performance materials and chemical intermediates. Competition in industrial gas markets is based primarily on price, reliability of supply, and furnishing or developing applications for use of such gases by customers, and in some cases the provisions of other services or products such as power and steam generation.

The Company also has a 50 percent interest in a power generation facility in the Netherlands and a The Rushlight Awards celebrate the leading environmental technologies and innovations by organizations throughout the UK and Ireland. Competition in these products is principally on the basis of price, quality, product performance, and reliability of product supply.

Raw Materials and Energy The Company manufactures hydrogen, carbon monoxide, synthesis gas, and carbon dioxide principally from natural gas. The Company intends to attempt to acquire additional homecare companies, provided that such companies can be acquired on terms deemed reasonable by management.

Majority and wholly owned industrial gas subsidiaries operate in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico, and throughout Europe and Asia in 16 and ten countries, respectively.

For amines the competition is principally from other large chemical companies that also have the ability to provide competitive pricing, reliability of supply, technical service assistance, and quality products and services.

Products[ edit ] Air Products serves customers in technology, energy, healthcare, food and industrial markets worldwide with atmospheric industrial gases mainly oxygennitrogenargonhydrogen and carbon dioxideprocess and specialty gases, performance materials and chemical intermediates. These products face competition from competitors who vary from product to product, ranging from niche suppliers having only a single product, to larger and more vertically integrated chemical companies with greater financial resources than the Company.Air Products & Chemicals Inc Business Description Through internal development and by acquisitions, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

has established an internationally recognized industrial gas and related industrial process equipment business and developed strong positions as a producer of certain chemicals.

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Serving customers in technology, energy, medical and industrial markets worldwide with a unique portfolio of products, services and solutions, providing atmospheric gases, process and specialty gases.

On-site Gas Generation—Contact Information—Americas. Head Office Americas – Corporate Headquarters Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. is an American international corporation whose principal business is selling gases and chemicals for industrial uses.

Air Products' headquarters is in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, in the United States. Air Products is the Lehigh Valley's third largest employer, after Lehigh Valley. Find company research, competitor information, contact details & financial data for Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

Get the latest business insights from D&B mi-centre.comon: HAMILTON BLVD, ALLENTOWN,PA. If you want to know who really controls Air Products and Chemicals Inc (NYSE:APD), then you’ll have to look at the makeup of its share registry.

Generally speaking, as a company grows.

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A description of the american air products and chemicals inc
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