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I watched the best minds of my generation produce some of the most amazing music and art inspired by despair, anger, the exhaustion of endless hustling, crime, violence, depression, and a well earned hatred of the rich.

The State Laboratory has confirmed that a stray cat in Lamar County recently tested positive for rabies.

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Tough love, but Lawd has that lesson paid off in life. All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again. We were excited about a visit to the candy shop, and started going over how much we could score with the money we had. Years ago, my sister C-Money taught me an extremely painful lesson.

Fast forward to now and the tough lesson millions are fixin to learn through the GOP tax gut.

How a cross-country road trip drove teamwork and value.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDCthe majority of rabies cases reported annually occur in wild animals such as raccoons, skunks, foxes and bats.

He was all over television back then.

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From Hayla Folden, public information officer: I grew up in the s. There have been five other bites investigated in Lamar County this year, with one of these testing positive in January.

There will not be a trickle down bounty. Early symptoms of the disease include fever and headache. I fell for it, damn it. So, here we are A bunch of millionaire Congresspeople are offering folk a nickel in exchange for our dimes.

Walter Geiger Thursday, September Symptoms include but are not limited to frowning hard at any New York accent, hurling objects at the sight of his face on television or in print, and yelling at the mention of his name regardless of time or place.

Please report any bite, scratch, or other contact with a wild animal to your local environmental health office at Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals that is most often spread through the bite of an animal that is infected with the disease. And then had to watch as my sister went forth and purchased twice as many yummy sour sticks as I could!

Animal Control picked up the cat in the vicinity of Ward Drive in Barnesville after it bit two people. All residents are encouraged to take precautions to protect their families and pets against rabies by learning signs of rabies and vaccinating pets.

When I fussed about it to my father, he told me that my dumb ass needed to learn about money. Rabies infects the central nervous system, causing encephalopathy a disease of the brain and, ultimately, death.

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Like nails on a chalkboard I turned off the television, took a break from Facebook, switched from NPR in the car, and turned off news notifications. The time limited scraps folk will get in their refunds will not offset the massive cuts to services and programs triggered by loss of revenue.

No significant job creation will come from tax cuts for the rich and corporations. Abb case more information about rabies, please contact your local animal control office, county environmental health office, or visit the Georgia Division of Public Health web site at http: Trumpless Tuesdays are so damn good It was sent for testing on September 18, with no other residents or animals involved.

I know folk proposed this before the general election, but it is time to brung it back. Voodoo Economics ushered in extreme poverty, unemployment, a farming crisis that literally destroyed entire communities, rampant corporate and bank fraud, and a cultural bitterness that gave Gen X our attitude problem.

Crystal showed me her nickel and then I held up my dime. And I watch Donald Trump exploit every single precious loophole to emerge unscathed despite a solid decade of failure, corruption, predatory sexual behavior, and gaudy home decorating.Avella Specialty Pharmacy Before every investment, the first thing RLH builds is a strong relationship.

See The Story. Rated 5 out of 5 by Bikerbuzz from Just the ticket One of the many issues I discovered with my camper conversion was the flylead for the mains hookup was a socket not a plug.

No probs, a quick trip to Screwfix for the plug. Took me 10 mins to get this one wired on the cable no trouble. Solid but not too £ The Pike County Pirates roll into Trojan Field tonight for a p.m.

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Abb case
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