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The country low level of economic development, economic disparity and poor prospects of prosperity by fair means has resulted in the massive corruption. It is a process which can never be eradicated completely from Pakistan. One of the major reason of corruption is lack of effective measures or compliance system in Pakistan.

Had there been an educated country, the situation would have been much different. If the relations between a minister and the permanent secretary become irreconcilable, it is the minister who has to go, not the civil servant— because the civil servant is permanent.

Corruption has also adverse impact on the private investment, both domestic and foreign which are considered very harmful to a developing economy. However, these crusades against corruption turned out to be vendettas against political opponents. Therefore, the corruption may be eradicated on adherence to Islamic teaching.

The civil society and media needs to on hands for realizing a corruption free Pakistan.

Short Essay on Bribery (470 Words)

In a recent survey conducted by the Transparency International, Pakistan ranks lowered from 42th most corrupt country to 34th country in the world. In fact, many citizens firmly believe that the justice system provides anything but justice.

Successive governments failed to develop proper business standards for the public and private sector.

The Case for Bribery

The most important reason for corruption especially in India is the never-ending chain of bribes that are offered and accepted throughout the country. In the 21st century we have knowledge and proven mechanism to fight corruption and have the precedents of countries that fought this menace effectively.

The direct impact of corruption in Pakistan could be witnessed in the rise of food commodities, which according to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, had increased up to percents in the last one year.

They are indeed worth checking out if you, as a citizen, want to know the dirty business of bribery in the land of pure. General perceptions and actual public surveys about corruption show that police, power sector, judiciary, and various Taxation departments Custom duties, Income Tax are most corruption infested entities in Pakistan.

Whereas, the systemic corruption becomes a way of life and it is very difficult to overcome. Hampered by political interference, these organizations have proved utterly ineffective. This type of corruption usually exists to fast track the administrative bureautic procedure and regulations.

The challenge is to understand why, when faced with temptation, officials engage in corruption, and why the public often colludes. The government has already made serious efforts to combat the scourge of corruption, however, all these efforts are in vain due to the absence of political will.

People are themselves oblivious of their de jure rights and privileges owing to mass illiteracy.

Islam explicitly condemns the existence of corruption in every form. Moreover, only multi-millionaires swanking in exotic cars, living in the palatial houses are depicted by media. The loopholes must be removed and any corrupt, despite the rank and position, must get a poetic justice.

In this regard, the precedent of Motorway police is before us.Corruption in Pakistan Essay History Pakistan was Generally corruption is construed in a sense of bribery, Pakistan and now the country is free from corruption.

The lack of acceptance on the part of the government is the root cause of the problem. Essay on Corruption in Pakistan Before moving towards to the main topic, you should know what is corruption?

Corruption is a fraudulent conduct or dishonest by the persons who are in power which involves bribery or you can say that unethical conduct by a person to acquire personal benefits.

Corruption in Pakistan. words complete essay on Corruption in Pakistan. CSS essay on Corruption. Corruption as a social problem in Pakistan Likes ; Followers ; Essay on Corruption in Pakistan.

By studybix Last updated Mar 18, 1. I think our conditions is much worse, is bribery and corruption. That really is a poison. We. Nov 19,  · Plz check my essay: Corruption Culture in Pakistan. • Scenario of corruption in world in general and Pakistan in particular • Corruption in Islamic teaching Islam condemns the corruption in it's every form i.e.

bribery, unlawful hoarding and earning, extortion, embezzlement. Hazart Muhammad (PBUH) said about the hoarding. Short Essay on Bribery ( Words) Article shared by In general terms, bribery means exchange of cash, material or goods in return of a favour that is. We will write a custom essay sample on Corruption in Pakistan specifically for you for only $ $/page.

The discussion on corruption in Pakistan would never be complete without having a glance on National Reconciliation Ordinance, a symbol of corruption in Pakistan.

Petty corruption in the form of bribery is prevalent in law.

Bribery in pakistan essay
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