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Take the Career Test first so you know what careers to research. Government accountants and auditors maintain and examine the records of government agencies and audit private businesses and individuals whose dealings are subject to government regulations.

Plant expansion, mergers, or foreign investments may depend upon the financial condition of the firm, tax implications of the proposed action, and other financial considerations.

Read about various occupations and learn about the nature of the work, working conditions, training and educational requirements, earning potential, future job outlook, and more — in the U. Many employers prefer graduates who have worked part time in a business or accounting firm while in school.

The CPA examination is rigorous, and candidates are not required to pass all four parts at once. Talk with your network of contacts — family, friends, professors, teachers, neighbors, peers, colleagues, mentors — about potential careers. You can find these books online and your Career research template library — or check out our Industry-Specific Career Books.

Tax accountants work long hours under heavy pressure during the tax season. They may advance to intermediate positions with more responsibility in 1 or 2 years and to senior positions within another few years. Anyone working as a Certified Public Accountant must have a certificate and a license issued by a State board of accountancy.

Most States require applicants for a CPA certificate to have some public accounting experience. Accountants and auditors also work for Federal, State, and local governments. The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.

The more research you Career research template, the more likely Career research template career path will become evident to you.

Persons planning a career in accounting should have an aptitude for mathematics, be able to analyze, compare, and interpret facts and figures quickly, and make sound judgments based on this knowledge. Working Conditions Most accountants and auditors work in offices and have regular hours.

Review books about specific careers. After taking the Career Test, the Career Reports are an excellent way to educate yourself on what to expect in a specific career. Find our recommended list here. Most accountants and auditors work in urban areas where public accounting firms and central or regional offices of businesses are concentrated.

Requirements may also be affected by changes in legislation related to taxes, financial reporting standards, business investment, and other financial matters. To become a licensed public accountant LPA or "accounting practitioner," some States require only a high school diploma; others require college training.

For beginning accounting and auditing positions, the Federal Government requires 4 years of college including 24 semester hours in accounting or auditing or an equivalent combination of education and experience. This requirement may become more common in the coming years. Accountants and auditors prepare, analyze, and verify financial reports that furnish this kind of information to managers in all business, industrial, and government organizations.

Many accountants and auditors have voluntarily earned professional designations that certify their professional competence in fields of accounting and auditing that are not State regulated: Search the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Professional recognition through certification or licensure also is extremely valuable.

They may advance to chief plant accountant, chief cost accountant, budget director, or manager of internal auditing. The vast majority of States require CPA candidates to be college graduates, but some states substitute a certain number of years of public accounting experience for the educational requirement.

Accreditation is maintained by competing mandatory continuing education. As the economy grows, the number of business establishments increases, requiring more accountants and auditors to set up their books, prepare their taxes, and provide management advice.

Perhaps most important, Career research template millions of financial statement users rely on their services, accountants and auditors should have high standards of integrity. Many persons with accounting backgrounds work for the Federal Government as Internal Revenue Service agents or in financial management, financial institution examination, and budget administration.

With the aid of special computer software systems, accountants summarize transactions in standard formats for financial records, put the data in special formats that aid in financial or management analysis, and prepare income tax returns.

Accountants employed by large firms may travel extensively to audit or work for clients or branches of the firm. About 16, were Certified Internal Auditors, over 8, were Certified Management Accountants, about 5, were Certified Information Systems Auditors, and about 4, held certificates of accreditation in accounting or taxation awarded by the Accreditation Council for Accountancy.

Job Outlook Employment of accountants and auditors is expected to grow as fast as the average for all occupations through the year due to the key role these workers play in the management of all types of businesses.Conduct career research online. Learn more about careers, specific jobs, and jobs for specific college majors by using the key resources in our Career Exploration section.

Explore current job openings. Sample Student 1 1 Sample Student PDC Cindy Morrin Career Research Paper May 12, Career Research Paper: Lawyer What is a lawyer? What is it that lawyers do all day while they are collecting.

Due Date: Thursday, January 31, Outline & Poster: Using the information you have compiled, from the research done in the lab and library, you will create a poster. Research a career you are interested in on these websites.

Summarize the description, education, work styles, and skills/abilities, required included in the research on the following slides. Journal your thoughts about the research.

Career Research Project & Essay As a result of this lesson, students will integrate knowledge of self with research on the world of work to make initial decisions and plans for majors and occupational options using multiple resources.

A sample informational interview sheet is available in the Real World Experience section of Pathways. outlook in this career is definitely positive; growth is increasing and is estimated at 27%.

San Diego is among the group of regions that have a stable outlook in a career involving counseling psychology.

Career research template
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