Cassava flour processing business plan

Our Competitive Advantage The truth is that it is easier to find entrepreneurs flocking towards an industry that is known to generate consistent income which is why there are a growing number of food processing companies in the United States of America and of course in most parts of the world.

A kilogram of Garri fetches up to five times the price of an equal weight of fresh cassava. Some things you should consider before you start a gari and cassava production business A key success factor in this business is the nearness of a gari processing location to the source of your cassava tubers.

Work Experience As a nutritional biochemist under the faculty of Basic medical science I know the benefit of ingesting food free from impurities and contaminations. For example, they peeled cassava by hand.

Selecting healthy stems cassava flour processing business plan crucial to growing rich cassava crops that your market would quickly purchase.

How To Start A Cassava Farm In Nigeria: A Comprehensive Business Plan

Our Target Market It is a known fact that the consumers of processed cassava and also those who benefit from the business value chain are all encompassing. This is very conducive to the development of the garri production business plan implementation. My Stay at inem waters has thought me a lot in the water bottling business as I now have the technical knowhow of starting successful water bottling company and how to meet up with the increasing demand of customers.

We know that it is important to create strategies that will help us boost our brand awareness and to create a corporate identity for our cassava processing business. We have been able to critically examine the cassava processing business and we have analyzed our chances in the industry and we have been able to come up with the following sales forecast.

These links are to external websites and we sincerely apologise if they are by any means dead. Because it is such an important food in the region and an extremely versatile crop, it is commonly referred to as cornerstone of food security in Africa.

Several small scale cassava farmers are making a fortune and changing their lives through this business. The competing needs for cassava cut across both human and animal consumption.

Garri processing machine for sale in Nigeria Inquiry about cassava machinery Please leave your contact information, our engineers will contact with you within 24 hours.

But the best route still, is to choose a good site. We will ensure that we create business structure and framework that will enable us go into biofuel production and the production of other alcoholic beverages from our cassava processing plant. In Progress Application for business license and permit: Her story in the video below is a shining example of the transformational power of this business.

We have done our homework and we have been able to highlight some factors that will give us competitive advantage in the marketplace; some of the factors are effective and reliable cassava processing processes that can help us sell our produce at competitive prices, good network and excellent relationship management.

An easy way to identify lands with these conditions is to see if: It is most widely used to make Eba.

Business plan for cassava flour processing plant

We know that one of the ways of gaining approval and winning customers over is to sell our processed and packaged laundry starch and animal feeds, biofuel and other processed cassava products a little bit cheaper than what is obtainable in the market and we are well prepared to survive on lower profit margin for a while.

This has drastically increased the production of garri for both national and international consumption. We are quite aware that there are several large, medium and small scale cassava processing companies all over Dallas — Texas and even in the same location where we intend locating ours, which is why we are following the due process of establishing a business.

However, if mechanized production methods are adopted, the output and quality of garri production will increase on a large scale. It broadly outlines the various opportunities in cassava production in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Gari also Garri or tapioca is the most widely traded processed cassava product.

If you are sure of a steady and very cheap supply of the fresh cassava tubers, you are likely to succeed without your own cassava farm. Due to the very short shelf life days of harvested cassava tubers, inadequate road and power infrastructure, most of the cassava produced in Africa is consumed locally, where it is still unable to address the growing consumption.

Picking the right location to setup your cassava farm is extremely important.

2018 Cassava Farming & Garri Processing / Production Business Plan

Above all, this is the investment and revenue analysis for the business plan for cassava flour processing plant. Gari production is a low-cost and largely traditional process and can be done on a small scale. We will ensure that we position our business to attract consumers of processed cassava products not just in the United States of America alone but also in other parts of the world which is why we will be exporting our products to other countries of the world.Cassava Farming and processing Business Plan In Nigeria is a lucrative farming business that needs a lot of planning to start and a business coach like Dayo Adetiloye to help you start the Implementation.

The promoter’s business plan requires an amount of ¢, made up of The setting up urban-located cassava flour processing outfit will help reduce post-harvest losses among cassava growing BUSINESS PLAN ON VILLAGE LEVEL CASSAVA CHIP PRODUCING ENTERPRISE.

FOCUSWISE (ON CASSAVA PRODUCTION) CASSAVA MILLING BUSINESS PLAN FINANCIAL PLAN. PROJECTED CASHFLOW. The proposed charges for cassava­ milling service is Kshs (Ten shillings) for a 2 kg tin of cassava flour milled.

The charges will be set this low at the beginning.

A Sample Cassava Processing Plant Business Plan Template

Sep 10,  · Recently, as other products (cassava starch, flour, cassava chips) can be obtained from cassava tubers, the production of garri has decreased, which has led to a shift in supply and demand to favor producers, this also an important factor for garri production business plan proceed.

We have developed a standard business plan for cassava processing into various products including garri, flour, starch etc. The cassava processing business is developed to help entrepreneur raise funds from investors, apply for a bank loan or grant. A Sample Cassava Processing Plant Business Plan Template Industry Overview Businesses in the cassava farming cum processing industry primarily grow different species of cassavas and process them for different purpose.

Cassava flour processing business plan
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