Data collection relating to personal information

Internet data privacy may also be impacted by other proposed federal privacy laws related to online use of social security numbers, online "lookup" services, data gathered by online service providers incident to customer enrollment, and health-related online privacy issues, as well as individual state laws regarding data privacy, but such topics are beyond the scope of this Alert.

Conclusion In conclusion, while neither the United States, EU, nor Japan has yet enacted laws which deal specifically with the privacy requirements for personal data collected electronically, each jurisdiction has shown both a willingness to step into the arena and an openness to accept input from industry leaders.

Self-Regulatory Solutions Some self-regulatory standards to the privacy problem are beginning to develop. While refraining from pursuing any enforcement action against the site, the FTC used the letter as an opportunity to set forth several broad principles which the FTC believes apply generally to online information collecting from children.

In order to collect, use, store or disclose geolocation information from a mobile application, individuals must generally provide affirmative express consent.

Controllers are required to provide this information to Data Subjects even where the personal data is collected from third parties rather than directly from the Data Subjects.

The Directive will have significant extraterritorial effect because it requires member states to prevent the transmission of personal data to any country outside the EU which does not "ensure an adequate level of protection" for personal data. In Marchthe Ministry of International Trade and Industry "MITI" announced that it would work with the private sector and other governmental offices to draft legislation on privacy, security and other issues surrounding electronic commerce.

The EU approach favors more government regulation of Internet transmissions whereas the United States. July 30, ], is specifically targeted at Internet data collection and calls for the interactive computer service industry a to develop voluntary guidelines for notifying customers before collecting personal information; b to advise customers of any third party recipients of their data; and c to allow customers access to their personal data for verification purposes and to allow them the opportunity to prohibit disclosure of such data to any third parties.

In order to use, disclose or sell the personal information of Chicago residents, website operators and online services providers must obtain prior opt-in consent from individuals.

The FTC Report describes a general consensus among industry representatives, privacy advocates and the FTC itself about the importance, if not the specifics, of the following four principles of privacy: On February 26, the FTC announced that it would survey 1, commercial Web sites to determine the extent to which these sites, including sites directed to children, are disclosing how they collect and use personal information online.

Informational Privacy in the Age of the Internet," which can be found at www. Depending on the requirement, the Ordinance allows for a private right of action and specifies fines to address violations. If John pays with a credit card, his card info makes him directly identifiable to the merchant, which means data on his coffee purchasing history e.

Trends indicate that there will soon be privacy requirements in the United States which will limit the use companies can make of consumer information received over the Internet.

Data collectors should be able to ensure the security of the collected data by taking reasonable steps to guard against loss or misuse of personal information provided by consumers.

The Directive also provides Data Subjects with a right of access to their personal data, as well as the right to correct inaccuracies and block the transmission of personal data not processed in accordance with the requirements of the Directive.

Consumers should be able to "exercise choice with respect to whether and how their personal information is used. Upon request, businesses must disclose to the individual or their designee the personal information they maintain about the individual. The Ordinance also imposes breach notification obligations on businesses that process personal information of Chicago residents.

Specifically, the FTC took the position that "[I]t is a deceptive practice to represent that a Web site is collecting personally identifiable information from a child for a particular purpose.

Draft legislation is expected in the near future. While these standards are not statutory, it may become important for companies to comply with these standards to maintain customer trust. P-Trak service at www.

There are some very narrowly drawn exceptions where "explicit consent" is not required for this sensitive data, such as in the case of incapacity of the Data Subject, or where the Data Subject has "manifestly" made the data public himself, but "explicit consent" is not defined in the Directive, and member states may enact legislation which prohibit waiver of privacy rights to such data, even if the Data Subject has provided explicit consent.

In addition, the Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan is expected to release a set of guidelines arguing that companies collecting personal data online should not solicit race, ethnic or religious information without the clear consent of the consumer.

None of this data by itself explicitly identifies an individual, but in combination should qualify as personal data processing given the following two considerations: If John pays with cash, he may still be indirectly identifiable if he redeems a targeted coupon that was emailed to his inbox at coffeeaddict example.

Retailers that sell or lease mobile devices with location services functionality must provide notice about the functionality in the form and substance prescribed by the Ordinance.

For additional information concerning data privacy law, we recommend the following online resources: Businesses must also notify the City of Chicago regarding the timing, content and distribution of the notices to individuals and number of affected individuals.

Data brokers, defined as commercial entities that collect, assemble and possess personal information about Chicago residents who are not their customers or employees to trade the information, must register with the City of Chicago.

Businesses are generally required to notify affected residents or, if they do not own the affected personal information, the data owners within 15 days of discovering the breach. Behavioral analysis Recital 24 states: June 19, ], would require the Federal Trade Commission FTC to announce rules ensuring that consumers a have knowledge that consumer information is being collected about them; b receive conspicuous notice that such information could be used for purposes unrelated to the transaction in which it is given or sold to third parties; and c be allowed to exercise control over the collection of personal information.

This requirement is subject to various exceptions, such as in certain instances to allow a parent or guardian to locate their minor child.

Information on the Open Profiling Standard may be found at developer. Japan There are currently no laws in Japan which impose penalties on parties that release personal information to third parties, such as advertisers or direct marketers, and no laws regulating privacy of consumer information generally.

For instance, we expect the increasingly popular adoption of in-store wifi tracking technology to be deemed as identifiable.personal data.3 More than US$2 billion a year is spent on acquiring third-party personal data in the United States.4 The collection and analysis of anonymised location and behavioural information to develop user profiles and personalised marketing material is broadening the meaning attached to personal information.

This Alert sets forth a general overview of privacy law relating to the collection of personal data over the Internet under United States, European Union (EU), and Japanese law. United States.

Chicago Introduces Data Protection Ordinance

Pending Legislation. "personal data" means data relating to a living individual who is or can be identified either from the data or from the data in conjunction with other information that is in, or is likely to come into, the possession of the data controller.

When the data is sensitive and personal, however, this can lead to serious abuse, because it opens the way for the data to be used for purposes quite different from its intended use. This can happen for a number of reasons.

Data Collection Relating to Personal Information and Purchase Behaviours – a Consumer Perspective Words Nov 7th, 4 Pages Data collection relating to personal information and purchase behaviours – a consumer perspective.

Recently, the Personal Data Collection and Protection Ordinance was introduced to the Chicago City Council. The Ordinance would place requirements on businesses related to personal information, data breach notification and consent.

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Data collection relating to personal information
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