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Students get personalized support and advice as they get ready for admission and work throughout the program. This includes eighteen credits of core graduate nursing classes and thirty-three classes in the FNP area of specialization. If accepted to the BSN program, she spends her last two years studying nursing and completing clinical rotations.

Blackboard is a popular computer program FHSU uses for the courses and this is also used by many other colleges here and abroad. Students can take the core graduate nursing classes in the fall, spring, or summer, but the classes in the areas of specialization begin in set semesters.

The school uses a very Fort hays state university bsn program essay diploma sleeve compared to most other colleges and high schools. This is a silly thing to complain about, but I have to mention that when my diploma arrived that I was disappointed with how it was packaged and printed. Some of the harder and more dedicated professors are those who have been teaching over twenty-five years.

Undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)Program

I can tell you I enjoyed the online format much more in the beginning of my degree program than I did towards the end. If you have successfully completed all pre-requisite courses or will this semesteryou are ready to apply to the nursing program.

It is easy program to learn on your own, thankfully, because a lack of genuine support and assistance is perhaps the biggest complaint I have with the university. In total, these six classes are worth fifteen credits. The advisors are also very overworked due to high student numbers and this also translates to lack of interest and meaningful communication between student and mentor.

I completed the Bachelor of General Studies degree after attending Fort Hays State for several years virtually, as I live 1, miles away from the campus.

Fort Hays State University Reviews

The Department of Nursing accepts and reviews applications and conducts interviews for the BSN program twice a year, October 1 and March 1. The background check requirement for admission to the Advanced Education Program department excluding MS in Counseling was removed effective for Spring applicants.

Fort Hays State University Nursing School Review

This will allow him to prepare for certification in a chosen area of specialization. Must also complete Nursing department application. The Bachelor of General Studies does not require math, but does require twelve hours of science instead to make up for the lack of math.

The length of the program can vary considerably, depending on how quickly the RN completes the required nursing courses and how many prerequisites she must complete. FHSU offers three areas of specialization.

Department of Nursing

Lesley will be happy to meet with you and give you an advisor who will help to plan your future. The school has grown tremendously and I think many of the teachers are just too overwhelmed with students to really care like they should and it does show. Failure to do so may lead to academic probation or dismissal from the nursing program.

They must also maintain nursing liability insurance and personal health insurance. Students enroll at FHSU as pre-nursing students, and apply to the nursing department for admission in the spring of their second year. It seemed that the longer I was in the BGS program, the less and less interested my teachers became in actually "teaching" rather than just assigning papers, discussion posts, and quizes.

In addition, certification in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR from the American Heart Association, an annual TB skin test, yearly physical exam and certain immunizations also are required.

We have an amazing team of faculty who stay current with the skills and knowledge to best prepare students for success. These 18 hours MUST include a course in the methodology of historical research.

Fort Hays State University BSN Nursing Reviews

All criminal history must be revealed to and will be evaluated by the KSBN before licensure is granted or denied. If you are a prospective or transfer student and wish to take a tour of the department and meet with an advisor, please contact the Admission Office at In the second semester of her second year, she must take a class that prepares her for the state certification exam for Certified Nurse Assistants CNA.

I worked hard on my degree to achieve honors and I feel as if this belittles my hard work. To prepare for certification as an FNP, he must earn thirty-one credits. The university is well equipped with the latest equipment to enable students prepare adequately to take on the challenges of the nursing profession.

I have found that the younger the instructor, the easier the course will be. All in all, I would do it all over again despite these negative points I have mentioned.

Progression Policies within the Undergraduate Nursing Program Throughout the nursing program, students must maintain current nursing liability insurance and personal health insurance. On the basis of his education and work experience, he is automatically excused from the CNA course requirement that traditional BSN students must fulfill.

Such students are referred to as non-degree graduate students.BSN Program Admission Essay Requirements As part of the admission process, write an essay, in your own words, describing various aspects about yourself, the nursing profession, and the nursing department at Fort Hays State University.

Write a Winning Scholarship Essay; Launch Your Nursing Career. Nursing school grads, ready to jump-start your career? Fort Hays State University. Midwest. Program Details.

Degree. BSN. MSN. Nurse Practitioner. Enrollment ; Type Public; Degree: BSN, RN-to-BSN, M School Type: Public; Telephone:. Fort Hays State University is ranked No. 35 in Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs.

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Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. If you currently attend Fort Hays State University and you would like Nursing to be your major, please contact Lesley Ostrom in Stroup Hall at () Lesley will be happy to meet with you and give you an advisor who will help to plan your future.

Fort Hays State University's Master of Liberal Stu Stay away from the Fort Hays State University's Master of Liberal Studies degree at all cost. I. I have viewed the website for Fort Hays State and the cost is great, but how was the studies(lots of papers, asignments) pls share more information on the program.

I am thinking about attending.

Fort hays state university bsn program essay
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