How to write a letter to consulate general

However, for other issues you might be inclined to write. S Department of State: For example, you may wish to request visa or travel information, to inquire about foreign trade opportunities, to conduct foreign affairs research, or to write a letter of recommendation for a student traveling abroad for an internship.

Sample Letter to US Consulate for Visitors Visa

I am writing this on behalf of my father and mother Ram and Sita Agarwal. A consul general is the person who is in charge of a consulate. Inshe launched a full-service marketing and communications firm. To foster diplomacy around the world, the U.

My father owns the house worth Rs. My mother receives the interest income from the deposits in the bank and rent income from the rental properties. Always include your full name. When you begin your letter you can simply write "Dear Mr. During their stay in the United States, I will bear all their responsibilities including, but not limited to, financial responsibilities, round trip air fare from INDIA, travel expense within the USA, medical insurance, housing and food.

Department of State maintains offices in foreign countries. The government maintains a list of all embassies and consulates at www.

How to Write a Business Letter to a Foreign Consulate

Consult your local post office about postage requirements and estimated delivery time. Also my parents have real estate, investments and most of our family including my elder sister, husband and their 5-year-old grandson back in India.

What Is A Consul General? Each foreign consulate has a detailed website that provides a personnel directory, along with links to various departments, which can help you identify the person to whom you should address your correspondence.

She is also the author of several nonfiction trade publications, and, inhad her first young-adult novel published by Glass Page Books. My experience aligns well with the qualifications you are seeking at the Department of State in Bolivia, in particular my role as Consular Officer with the Department of State in Spain, and I am certain I would make a valuable addition to your local team.

She has many memories attached to her house that she has no intentions of abandoning it. This is where the ambassador works and where most official business takes place. From there, you can click on a country to see the location of embassies and consulates in that country.

Ram Agarwal and Mrs. Translated or interpreted language can often have dual meanings, so take care to avoid slang terminology or colloquialisms that might not be readily understood by a foreign reader.

Uncovering and documenting incidents of fraud. My parents enjoy the company of their 3 grandchildren very much. Thank you for your time and consideration. I will personally guarantee that they will leave the United States after their short visit and will not become a public charge on the part of the United States government.

Coordinating with local resources to track down supporting documentation. Your favorable decision on their visitor visa will be appreciated. These are used to build an official relationship with the country and also to support American citizens living or working abroad in the surrounding area.

Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Parents magazine and more.Dec 11,  · hi i wanna to write a letter to a consulate.i wanna visit my friends consulate wants a letter why u wanna go help me how can i write a letter about this.i think it must be be from now.

How Do You Address a Consul General? A: More than one Consul from a particular government can serve at any time. The office of a Consul General is known as a Consulate General. In the United States, New York City is home to many Consulates Generals. In Letter Writing how do i Address a Consul General; Addressing a Letter.

To, American Consulate General, 78 Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai INDIA Reference: USA Visitor Visa for Ram and Sita Agarwal Dear Consular Officer.

Sep 13,  · Knowing how to write a letter is a fundamental skill you'll use in business, school, and personal relationships to communicate information, goodwill, or just affection. Here's a basic guide on how to put your thoughts to paper in the correct format%(57).

Checkout a sample letter to consulate requesting US visa for parents, relatives or friends. This letter presented to the consulate or embassy by. If you want to write a letter to a specific consul general, you will need to find their name and the address of the consulate that they're stationed at.

The government maintains a list of all embassies and consulates at

How to write a letter to consulate general
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