How to write an art therapy case study

By repeating these themes in the face of safe, gentle correction by the therapist, all symptoms resolved for the most part within four sessions. Through play and art he was able to accomplish a resolution of his fears by bringing them to the surface, directly and indirectly in the content of his play and art projects.

Jodie worded her intention in the following way: Depression and Emptiness Janice was a middle age woman who came in to see me because she was feeling depressed and empty. Names and specifics withheld to ensure confidentiality. She describes herself as an overachiever who not only did well at school but excelled in a number of extra-curricular activities at the same time, including the debating team, violin lessons, and representing her school in both hockey and track and field.

You have three cars. If I save myself, they will never get it. Can you get those people down from the shelf? What is important to you? Her paintings were reliable, concrete expressions that also affirmed the intensity of what was inside.

The child has invited the therapist to play blocks with him. When you look at your collage, what do you notice? The other case was that of a six-year-old boy showing regressive behavior in imitation of and perhaps competition with his younger, disabled brother. You made two big cars and a little one.

Career indecision — although Jodie enjoys working in the legal industry, she is not happy with the work she is currently doing, but needs to continue in her current position for at least another 8 months to complete her probation. In order to stress the importance of this step, T asked Jodie to be as clear and specific as possible, asking her what exactly she would do to achieve this and when.

The importance of conducting well-designed, outcome-based studies on play therapy is illustrated by another meta-analysis of published and unpublished play therapy outcome studies where poorly designed or incomplete studies were included. However, their findings showed only mixed support for the use of play therapy in this setting.

Adapting non-directive play therapy for children with attachment disorder. T asked Jodie the following questions: Do you have another question for your collage?

Mass Trauma and Violence: What does it remind you of? After her graduation and returning to the city where their families lived, Jodie had another child and continued to work part-time. Theory, Research, and Practice.

Using pre-test, post-test comparison design to evaluate 11 patients in an experimental group and 10 in the control group, Danger, et al.

At the same time Jodie says her husband has been experiencing bouts of depression because he is unhappy with his work and feels stuck.Mullen, et al., explored the use of play therapy with young people, “facing transitions as a result of relocation.”[14] He presents a case study of a middle-school–age girl upset by her family’s move to a more affluent neighborhood.

Art Therapy and the Recovery Process: A Case Study of a Person With Schizophrenia By Daryl Alan Musick A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of.

A Case Using Art Therapy Techniques

The process of long-term art therapy: a case study combining artwork and clinical outcome Full Article Figures & data.

Monique came to therapy with a history of abuse and neglect. As a teen, she had experienced a great deal of trauma throughout her life, and the most recent experience coincided with the onset of her panic attacks. She described her memories of coping with her family’s dysfunction in great detail.

She reasoned through traumatic events. Practice of art therapy among children can be used as a means of self-expression, developing social skills, aggression issues, trauma, and emotional disturbance. In case of Indonesian children, which culturally living in a collectivism society, showing true feelings are not easy and somehow are “taboo”.

A CASE STUDY: A SHORT TERM ART THERAPY INTERVENTION FOR A CHILD VICTIM TO BULLYING by Ffyona Matthews BSocSci A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Master of Arts (Art Therapy) Academy of Performing Arts, School of Visual Arts, Art Therapy Department, Edith Cowan University Perth, Western Australia.

How to write an art therapy case study
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