Hurricane ike

The Houston Theater District was flooded. On September 10, U. The National Hurricane Center is expecting a storm surge of near 20 feet high over the Galveston Bay coast, and it could push floodwaters all the way to Houston, some 20 miles inland.

Hurricane Ike Five Years Later: Photos Show Damage, and Recovery, in Houston and Galveston

After making landfall, Ike is expected to weaken and turn northward ahead of an advancing upper-level trough before eventually recurving northeastward into the central or southern Mississippi Valley.

A tropical storm warning means that tropical storm conditions are expected within the warning area within the next 24 hours.

Hurricane Ike - September 2008

Ike is in the process of weakening slightly from a lower-end category 4 storm to a strong category 3 storm after having just passed over Great Inagua Island in the southern Bahamas.

Homes along Todville Rd which parallels Galveston Bay were washed away, or had their entire bottom floors gutted. The AIRS image shows the temperature of the cloud tops or the surface of the Earth in cloud-free regions.

Hurricane Ike - September 13, 2008

Oil refineries[ edit ] There were 14 oil refineries in the affected region, and 8 were known to have survived with little flooding. Those areas in purple have some of the strongest storms. Severe damage occurred at the Kemah Boardwalkthe site of many popular restaurants and shops, as well as a small waterfront amusement park with various rides, including a carousel, kiddie train and Ferris wheel overlooking Galveston Bay.

There is controversy whether houses near the beach are allowed to be rebuilt if they are destroyed by such Hurricane ike. AMSR-E provides improved measurements of rainfall rates. Baytown[ edit ] Baytown, on the upper portion of Galveston Bay, was affected by the storm surge from Hurricane Ike.

Much to the relief of Louisiana residents, but not to people who live in Texas, forecast models now take Ike into southeastern Texas early Sat. The colored isosurface under the clouds show the rain seen by the PR instrument.

The storm was a category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 75 knots Substantial wind damage appeared to have been sustained by the Texas City Industrial Complex that borders Galveston Bay.

Rainfall accumulations of 1 to 3 inches are possible over the Florida Keys and rainfall amounts of 2 to 4 inches are possible over portions of southwest Florida this morning.

The 61st Street Pier was rebuilt and reopened in This feature is often found with older cyclones. Above normal tides are expected to reach all the way back into Alabama.Weather Underground provides tracking maps, 5-day forecasts, computer models, satellite imagery and detailed storm statistics for tracking and forecasting hurricanes and tropical cyclones.

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike: Observations of Coastal Change Observations were collected to measure coastal changes associated with Hurricane Ike, which made landfall near Galveston, Texas, on September 13, Tropical Cyclone Report Hurricane Ike (AL) 1 - 14 September Robbie Berg National Hurricane Center 23 January Updated 18 March to correct intensities from 90 kt to 95 kt at.

Sept. 22, NASA's LandSat Satellite Provides View of Ike Flooding Image of High Island from September 16,after the flooding caused by Hurricane Ike (top) and October 22,before flooding (bottom).

Sep 26,  · How does the Texas Gulf Coast look five years after Hurricane Ike, one of the most costly hurricanes in U.S. history. 6 days ago · Winds from Hurricane Ike swept across Ohio causing massive power outages. It was the state's most costly natural disaster in recent history.

Hurricane ike
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