Mcdonalds positioning map

Our strategy is conveyed throughout all of our business operations. Could be run with any level of marketing student, perhaps more suitable for students of introductory marketing as well as students of marketing strategy.

When you simplify things down it turns out there are only two basic types of positioning; low cost or differentiation. In order to create the perceptual maps, the easiest and fastest approach is to use the free download of an Excel template for perceptual mapping.

This is the way your company becomes a superior performer in the industry. The Quality I would like to have my fries Mcdonalds positioning map would be a rating of 8.

We are focused on cutting delivery time and cutting the cost of food. I had many thoughts and observations while creating this perceptual map. When it comes to price Burger King is defiantly the Cheapest which maybe be a decision factor for some consumers.

Given the students need to develop three different perceptual maps, plus group discussion time, around minutes would need to be allocated for this activity.

My best bet was to find a place where I was satisfying consumer desires for low pricing and high quality. You could get the students to create their own numbers to input based on research or add extra competitors. I really wanted to keep in mind consumers desires. We have stuck to our core market throughout the years even through the changing times.

In recent years we have tended to broaden our scope to appeal to more customers. They base their positioning to satisfy the older health conscious individuals.

Restaurants have to do their best to satisfy the consumer desires. The free download of the Excel template for perceptual mapping is available on another one of my websites, along with a lot of information about interpreting perceptual maps.

We have a narrow scope for a customer base and a low cost strategy. We still try to keep our target market narrowed down to families, but others deserve attention as well.

My Restaurant would be good competition and a health alternative for consumer. The computer operated machinery allows you to keep cost low by only needing a few employees to do the work of several.

In recent years due to lost sales we have started to make our menu a more healthy option. We have the most modern and technologically advanced equipment in our restaurants to make your job easier.

This teaching activity is designed for individual students to create the perceptual maps and then for small groups to discuss the interpretation. You choose your customer base to be either broad or narrow scope. After looking at all the Restaurant I had to think about where I wanted to place mine.

The fast food restaurants being compare in this map are: Consumer desires are very important factor to discuss when comparing Price and Quality.

My reasoning behind my restaurant placement: Some of them are the following: This may be a good idea for your location.Positioning helps establish your product's or service's identity within the eyes of the purchaser.

A company's positioning strategy is affected by a number of variables related to customers. Mc donald's ppt 8, views. Share; Like; Download Summer Stha targeting and positioning of McDonalds by Bilal khan McDonalds SPACE Matrix, BCG Matrix, Product Positioning Map Mita Angela M.

Dimalanta. Mc donalds ppt rakesh Perceptual mapping 1vimal1. Mc donald's customer loyalty programs and customer relationship management.


McDonalds SPACE Matrix, BCG Matrix, Product Positioning Map by Cosico, Jean Michelle V. & Reyes, Yza S., University of the Philippines. Read this essay on Product Positioning Map for Mcdonald's Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Our Business Model Business Model The power of our franchisees, suppliers and employees working together toward a common goal is what makes McDonald’s the.

Strategic Positioning is defined as doing different activities than your competitors or doing the same activities differently. This is the way your company becomes a superior performer in the industry.

Mcdonalds positioning map
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