Mount abu the mythological beauty essay

The Gaumukh Temple is also popular for religious pilgrimages and meditation. The outer walls of the sanctum comprise beautiful sculptures in gray sandstone, depicting Dikpals, Vidhyadevis, YakshinisShalabhanjikas and other decorative sculptures comparable to the ones in Khajuraho and Konark.

Instruments used for digging the lake have been found here. History[ edit ] The ancient name of Mount Abu is Arbudaanchal. Tourists visit to relish the beautiful carving and the splendid floral designs of the temple. The place has many stories revolving it.

In historic times, Mount Abu was leased by the The East-India Company British empire from the Maharajah of Sirohi, Mount Abu was used as the headquarters for the resident of Rajputana untiland as a sanatorium for troops.

Guru Shikhar Mount Abu A much revered Hindu pilgrimage site, the Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of the Aravali range situated at 15km northeast of the hill town. We got ready and the hotel guide, Hamid was waiting at the Reception to take us to Sunset Point which was very crowded.

Nakki Lake is right in the centre Mount Abu. The sanctuary has an abundance of flora and fauna. You can also find many orchids at the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Pithalhar, dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankar, Rishabha. It is known for its marvelous architecture.

The Gudh mandap is a simple hall once you step inside its heavily decorated doorway.

Mount Abu: Background

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Museums in Mount Abu The Archaeological Museum was built in with the primary objective to preserve the acrhaeological treasures. Amongst other festivals and fairs celebrated in Rajasthan, this is one of the most popular ones. He shifted the capital city to Chandravati in the plains.

Almost all or a larger part of Rajasthan and Gujarat had been known as Gurjaratra country ruled or protected by the Gurjars or Gurjarabhumi land of the Gurjars for centuries before the Mughal period.

You can use a diary to note down things you plan to do immediately or in the future. It seems that the construction of Rangmandap and the corridor was left unfinished.

The structure symbolises the supreme creative energy. Climate data for Mount Abu Month. The other arrangements were left to Nikhil. Engage in street shopping and bargaining at the Nakki lake market and then head to the Sunset point to behold the beautiful view of the sunset. I went horse riding as well, not realising that it is not easy to ride a horse.

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A reader claims ticket: It was officially declared in and has square kilometres covered. During the rainy season the temperature falls.Mount Abu Forest Sanctuary is the forest between the Aravalli Mountain Range.

It was officially declared in and has square kilometres covered. The sanctuary has an abundance of flora and fauna/5(30).

Dilwara Temples

The same was done with the assistance of Arbud, the mighty snake; the place has since then been known as Mount Arbud, which later changed to Mount Abu - its present form. Once home to meditating rishis and munis, today this mythological beauty has tourists and natives alike heading here to escape Rajasthan's smoldering summer blaze and.

Udaipur to Mount Abu (03 Nights / 4 Days) Mount Abu - The Mythological Beauty Mount Abu situated at the average height of 1, meters above sea level is the oasis in the deserted land of Rajasthan and posses the honor of being the only hill-station in Rajasthan as well as north-west India, The world famous tourist destination is known.

Once home to the meditating rishi and munis, the legend has it that Mount Abu is home to 33 crore Gods and Goddess.

Mount Abu – The Mythological Beauty Essay Sample

According to the legend the name Abu means son of Himalayas (or Ar-Booda, "the hill of wisdom"), deriving its name from Arbuada - the powerful serpent, which rescued Nandi the sacred bull of Lord Shiva. The Dilwara Temples (Gujarati: અાબુના દેલવાડા) of India are located about 2½ kilometres from Mount Abu, Each of the nine ceilings here seems to exceed the others in beauty and grace.

The Gudh mandap features a black marble idol of the 22nd tirthankar Neminatha. The Kirthi Stambha is a big black stone pillar that Location: Mount Abu, Sirohi, Rajasthan, India.

Trevor’s Tank is a picturesque location just 5 kilometers from the main town of Mount Abu, and one of the Mount Abu region’s most popular tourist destinations.

It is a nature lover’s paradise that is named after the British engineer who built it.

Mount abu the mythological beauty essay
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