Mouse trap car writeup

When a system uses wheels or pulleys, the diameter of the gears is used. When the mousetrap is activated, the lever arm pulls the string, which rotates the drive axle and propels the vehicle forward.

Design Activity Break the students into groups of 2 or 3.

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There was a surprise gift for the winner, and the gift was opened immediately after the race. The longest distance taken by the cars was measured to be 25 meters. How do Mousetrap cars work? Make sure you change the wheels, that are the wheels that drive the car.

How do you sketch a mousetrap car? The string is looped around a hook on the axle. Analysis In this section, your students work with a number of built-in tools Mouse trap car writeup see how well their design stands up to the scientific principles presented in the Research section.

Try to have them build the cars without any model or instruction beyond the basics. Then after one test you can put the string through the hole, and for the second one try putting the string through the second hole.

If you want to improve your mousetrap vehicle, you should experiment and report your car upon changes. The gift was two little white mice. Lids, compact disks, records, butter tub lids can be used as the wheels.

How do you build a mousetrap car?

There are some helpful hints for better performance of mousetrap car such as to reduce friction because most friction between the materials in the car reduces the amount of energy that is used to move the car.

Not all friction is bad; friction that prevents the wheels from slipping is called traction. It was the first time for all the physics club members to target in making such thing as mousetrap car.

There is a wide range of choice for the car to be made of wood, plastic or lead, etc. Use the Data Analysis Actvity worksheet to track student progress Redesign Activity The second half of the Moustrap Powerpoint illustrates some redesign principles if your students need inspiration.

We had to wind the wheels in the direction opposite to the motion that we want the mouse trap car to travel, in this way the string winded around the axle.

After all the presentations and explanation we started to understand how to get in action. For pricing information please contact sales whiteboxlearning. Small radio-controlled cars use propulsion when the chemical energy stored in batteries is converted into electricity, and this electricity drives an electric motor that moves the car.

Forces Involved in a Mousetrap Car Friction: A gear ratio is calculated by counting the number of teeth on the input gear, or the initial gear in the system, and dividing that number by the number of teeth on the output gear, or the final gear in the system. The simplicity of the modeling process puts focus where it belongs - learning the critically important science, technology, engineering and math STEM that lives just below the surface.

Use the hole they give you on the rod, the one on top. If the mousetrap is located close the drive axle the wheels can spin at the start so it will waste energy.

What is an axle hook on a mousetrap car? I highly reccomend that instructors build one beforehand to see where issues creep up.

Mouse Trap Car Writeup

Plenty of tutorials will ensure that they are well prepared for the remaining sections. We raced together and we enjoyed together. We have learnt some strategies in winding the string.

In order to investigate the requirement of the car system, we tested our cars for the first time. Groups will need a Team Name.

All you have to do is set your mousetrap car down, and start from the sideview. For example, a wind-up toy car converts the energy from muscles by winding up the spring and that energy is converted into motion when the car is released.

We had to wind up the string around the axle whilst we want it to get in motion. What simple machines are in the mouse trap car? Some people might have wondered what exactly the Mousetrap car is.Earth shattering secrets for building winning mousetrap powered cars, boats, racers, and other mouse trap powered vehicles.

mousetrap car instructions View Cart / Checkout. Mousetrap car? What is it? Some people might have wondered what exactly the Mousetrap car is. It is a physics project in which students design and construct a vehicle with single mousetrap as its sole source of propulsion.

DATE OF RACE _____ DUE DATE OF LAB _____ Your research project this semester is your Mousetrap Car. You and your team will build a car, race it in the annual race, design and perform a lab, and prepare a formal lab write-up. Hence, to calculate the input work of the mousetrap simple machine, calculate the area under the spring force curve.

Similarly, the output work. Mousetrap Car Where STEM Meets the Road. A standards-based, cloud-based virtual modeling STEM application that guides students through an engaging, realistic Mousetrap Car development process capped by a very cool Virtual Race-- all before building their actual racers.

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Mouse trap car writeup
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