My life story growing up in the streets of brooklyn

Whatever its displeasures, it has from the beginning, made my life more interesting, more complex, and more fun. I once wrote about how to know when someone is BSing you.

Street Smart Leadership: 5 Lessons From Growing Up in New York

We walked to school or to buy an ice cream cone at the drug or grocery store. That translates to the business world incredibly well. Brighton Beach consisted of open-air food stalls, a movie theater, noise from the el train, endless strange smells, and crowded streets.

He loved to teach. I learned to dance. Keep God on your side and pray every day. By the time I was ten, I was included in the Monopoly games he played with his friends. You could close your eyes and make believe you were in an exotic foreign country.

All the action was elsewhere. Our home was a bungalow with a small front garden my father lovingly attended.

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I was still quite young when he dutifully took me on Saturday afternoons to the local movie house for the double bill and serial.

Later that year December 12th things even took a worst turn as me and my mom was robbed at gun point in our apartment. Leadership is all about knowing people. Of course I adored Norman. Life got harder for me because in June of my dad passed away and it really caused a lot of stress on my mom.

I remember nothing ever seemed to get frozen except our feet. All of the children attended the same schools. Pass it on to others who need the motivation. He was iconoclastic and unpredictable, and always interesting.

One feels more intensely alive when he is in the room. I thought it would be a new beginning, but it turned out to be one of the worst things to happen to me. He was exciting to be with.

Please use a capital I rather than a lower i, and use apostrophes correctly. If nothing else, New York City is a melting pot. Books and movies like Up the Down Staircase and The Principal were nothing compared with the real racial violence that went on in the schools.

We could walk to doctor and dentist appointments. Sign up for more newsletters here In our little hamlet, everyone knew everyone, and if you misbehaved, either the neighbor would reprimand you or tell your parents about it. That he was good to me I probably took for granted when I was a child.

I used my married names to preserve some measure of anonymity. It was pretty nuts. My best friend was shot crossing the street. At this particular juncture of my life, however, I had heard enough tales from other women of how badly their brothers had treated them to have realized how lucky I had been to have Norman for my brother.

He was so full of knowledge, of ideas, of understanding, of enthusiasm. And at least half of those competitions were won by personality. We had no family room, and all of the bedrooms were off the living room.

She ended up passing away on December 27th 5 days after my birthday I was beyond heart broken and did not know what to do because she was the closest person I ever had. I joined his basketball team which really saved my life and I finished high school, after that I was fortunate enough to go to a junior college where I got offered a full ride scholarship to play at a university and now I have my degree in business and doing the best I can to keep myself motivated through everything I went through.

My oldest friend still talks today of how he changed the course of her life by the way he talked to her when she was thirteen.He learned the game on the streets of Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, just a few miles from Madison Square Garden.

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Growing up in Brighton — the other one

When I tell people that I grew up in New York City, they immediately think of skyscrapers and an isolated life. But my home, the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, was a small town in the middle. Jan 28,  · Street Smart Leadership: 5 Lessons From Growing Up in New York Jan 28, PM EST.

I grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. who wants and expects a lot out of life - and is. Growing Up with Norman Barbara Mailer Wasserman. We sometimes walked around the streets of Brooklyn on cold winter days, carrying our ice skates and trying to find a tennis court that was flooded and frozen over.

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Get started now! Apr 26,  · Growing up in Brooklyn was NOT easy, especially when the streets were in your home. I was surrounded by drugs, crime and .

My life story growing up in the streets of brooklyn
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