Refinishing old furniture business plan

Aside from adequate size, the most important workspace consideration refinishing old furniture business plan ventilation. I can dictate my own hours, I can earn some cash for my family and I can engage my brain with tasks that fulfill me. You need to be able to promote your antique restoration business by showing the kind of work that you can do.

For example, a street that has antique stores and boutiques would be an ideal place to find your intended buyers. Original, buttermilk-based paints still turn upon antiques from time to time; and "grained" finishes—painted-on grain patterns, usually imitating a more valuable wood—represent a lost art and are worth preserving.

Right now, we think of refinishing as the bread we can depend on to live, restoration as butter, and our antique business as honey to sweeten the deal. Now examine joints, carved surfaces, and other hard-to-get-at places where old finishes and grime tend to build up; these areas may require a third coat of stripper, worked in with a toothbrush.

Home to Heather has allowed me all of those things. Refinishing old furniture business plan these places, customers will invariably be looking for restoration services. It seems that just about everyone has a few pieces of furniture in need of refinishing. All construction will use "green" materials and applications for environmental and energy efficiency 4.

For the sake of your health, and to assure that the finishes you apply will dry quickly and thoroughly, proper ventilation is mandatory. People will start begging you to take their old stuff away. Consequently, the only way we could afford to equip our house with the fine old furniture we both loved was by haunting flea markets and garage sales in search of dirt-cheap but sound used furniture, then refinishing it ourselves.

After a piece is stripped, it should be allowed to dry at least overnight before a finish is applied. We started with no investment. To do that, I am honing on what sells and disregarding the good buys are not likely to result in a quick sale.

We found that we enjoyed working with wood, and as a result we put our best efforts into it—but we were still surprised when our friends not only complimented us on our work, but began asking us to refinish their prized pieces of furniture. Does searching CL every single day for new pieces count as work time?

Notice we said good refinishers; more on that in a moment. Let people tour through the showroom and show them some furniture pieces that you are currently working on. If you blow your budget on materials your profits can fizzle away quickly.

This next step takes some practice, and few refinishers even professionals ever completely master the technique: Buyers can be fickle and they might not bother to message you to find out how large something is.

Use only the very best and that generally means the most expensive materials you can find, and apply them by hand. Painted furniture is much more difficult and time-consuming to strip than is wood finished with a clear substance.

Afterwards, wipe the piece lightly with steel wool, then go over the surface with a clean tack cloth. What you can earn will depend on the market in your area.

Keep rubbing until the surface radiates a soft, even glow. Purchased Equipment will be the most energy efficient equipment available 1.

Family owned business 3. This type of business requires carpentry skills and a good knowledge of wood. The coverings may be made of fabric or leather, but in all cases, the crafting and covering of the cushions are specialized tasks.Create your own furniture restoration business, learn how to make money upcycling furniture, and start your venture successfully.

Good Small Business Ideas: Refurbishing and Upcycling Furniture. By QuickBooks Canada Team. 2 min read. consider writing a business plan.

Types of Furniture Refinishing Businesses

Create your company strategy by researching your local market. Feb 08,  · How to Refinish Antique Furniture. Valuable tips on refinishing antique furniture. Tips to refinish like a pro without damaging the integrity or value of the piece.

If the piece has a carving, plan to leave the stripper on those areas longer. 6. Remove the stripper. Periodically peek under the plastic to determine how quickly the stripper 80%().

Out of necessity my family has always refinished old pieces, and after working for 22 years in the corporate world, I left to return to what I loved, refinishing furniture. I have built my business up over the last 3 years, and am doing very well for myself so far, but turning a hobby into a business that actually paid the family’s bills was.

Give furniture an antique look, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing antique furniture, by applying a distressing technique. How To Refinish A Table Follow these steps to strip the old finish from your furniture, clean the piece, then apply a beautiful new stain and finish.

Refinishing furniture requires several skills. Furniture repair needs a knowledge of carpentry to fix broken items, such as loosening stuck drawers or re-setting legs.

Antique Furniture Refinishing

Refinishing involves stripping away paint or the old finish, sanding, and applying a coat of paint or stain. When starting a furniture restoration business, the range of services you can offer will include everything from restoring antique refinishing to patio furniture repair.

Customer Care The most important thing to consider when starting a business in furniture restoration is customer care.

Refinishing old furniture business plan
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