Religion conflict in nigeria essay

This research work will serve as an additional material to the issue on ethnicity and religion to Religion conflict in nigeria essay instability in Nigeria, this work will focus more on ethnicity and religion and its impact on Nigerian politics 1. In shedding more light in the above statement, Badawi statement goes far beyond religion, rather, he was tracing one of the earliest source of conflict which Badawi mentioned the off-springs of the said Abraham.

Democratically governed States are believed to be stable. The various geographical areas or territory which was amalgamated to form Nigeria by the colonialist comprises of various cleavages, clans, towns even there were kingdoms and hiefdoms with diverse culture, language, religion, norms values, customs and political structures etc.

This piece of work does not intend to start the discourse on religious violence anew but only recognizes the fact that as a recurrent phenomenon it is worth being explored further.

He advised Asian debtors to kill their Roman creditors. In this wise democracy connotes a system of government in which all the people in a country will have the outright say on the government of their country although in a representative manner meaning that they will elect representatives that will represent their interest in the government.

The African union AU which is the federation of African counties where a central government intended to be created with sharing or division of power among the federating unit, even the world highest organization body united Nation have in some little degree, evolved the principle of federalism.

The Southern and Northern protectorates were also being amalgamated into a nation. In fact, even when it has been convenient for heads to be counted, the outcome has always been the breaking of heads instead. Instrumentalist like Micheal Banton and Micheal Hecthtar, argue that ethnic identity are not inherent in group or socio-formation of people.

For example the Jewish religion, Christianity Islam and other world religion. Nation-states where conflicts persist are those where what obtains is the democratisation of disempowerment Ake At this time period, the parents of those who were classified as Yoruba were not themselves classified as Yoruba for the reason that this category did not exist during their lifetimes.

Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Nigeria

The origin and history of ethnic conflict societal wars and violence can be traced from eternal internal state rivalry to external physical. The Boko Haram insurgence in the northern part of the country which has been directed mainly against the Christians, they have suffered a lot both physically, psychologically, economically, spiritually and even politically in the far North which has led political writers and pundits to affirm that Boko Haram conflict has its roots in Religion.

In the case of Nigeria situation, disturbing history of colonialism, this generated hatred and conflict among different ethnic groups. However, religion in Nigeria, at different levels, is mostly mentioned in negative terms.

The category was introduced by the Indian Central Government in Federalism is a system of government which embraces unity in diversity. Ethno-political conflicts have greatly shaped our present world and of course have its structural phenomenon, William Easterly, But the category Yoruba is universally coded as an ethnic category by all comparative political scientists, without making a distinction between time periods.

The Nigeria state was amalgamated in the year by lord lugard. In Nigeria especially, religion plays a very vital and influential role in the society that has manifested itself as a potent force in the political development of the Nigerian state from pre-independence to post-independence.

In about 88 B.Religious Conflict Through the Ages Essay - Religious Conflict Through the Ages The role religion plays in world history is, at best, tremendous. Through the ages, religion has both unified and divided civilizations often bringing extreme human casualty, in the case of division, or creating interesting new cultures, in the case of the latter.

Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Nigeria Words | 13 Pages. The origin and history of ethnic conflict (societal wars and violence) can be traced from eternal (internal) state rivalry to external (physical).

Analysis of the challenges of religion and ethnicity on political stability in Nigeria’s fourth republic () INTRODUCTION Background to the Study Basically, Nigeria is a plural society and heterogeneous in virtually all the facet of life.

INTRODUCTION Nigeria is known be highly religions each of these groups has its own religious behalf and procures. Religion is the strongest element in traditional background and the greatest influence upon the thinking and living of the people concerned.

Religious Conflict Essay example; Religious Conflict Essay example. Words 6 Pages. Show More. Today we have many different cultures, societies, and religions spread around the world. Most of these cultures and religion originated in the past, ancient world to us. Types of religion and religious unrest in Nigeria.

Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Nigeria; Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Nigeria. Words Apr 15th, 13 Pages. Analysis of the challenges of religion and ethnicity on political stability in Nigeria’s fourth republic () INTRODUCTION Nigeria: Ethnic Conflict Essay.

Religion conflict in nigeria essay
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