Should ecstasy be legal

He further argued that only the FDA could accept a drug for medical use, and without FDA approval, no drug could have accepted safety under medical supervision.

Any activity that diminishes normal capacity for self control can create dangers for those who engage in it and for those around them.

Congress gave the attorney general the power to criminalize certain drugs through the use of an emergency scheduling process. An American chemist named Alexander Shulgin, began experimenting with the drug following a conversation with a student of his who explained to him the positive experiences while taking it.

But reports of the "ease" and euphoria of "ecstasy" made this drug sound different. These individuals contain and control their use of all drugs because they have viable life investments such as jobs, families, homes to protect Rosenbaum, Because they are conventional citizens and wish to remain so, the distribution network is extremely closed.

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However as with most drugs now used for recreational use, it was once legal and was even used in the medical profession of psychiatry to treat a number of mental disorders.

Unlike classic addictive drugs such as opiates, increasing the dose of MDMA after a tolerance has built up will not result in desired effects.

But it was Catch Taking into consideration this ideology, drugs should be classified as legal of illegal based on the extent to which lack of self control and the inherent dangers associated with the drug, be they physical or psychological, are present.

These considerations, together with the problems that can result from the criminalization of any drug, lead the writers to conclude that the DEA acted counterproductively in scheduling MDMA. Ultimately, it presents an argument critical of criminalization.

MDMA was typically called "Adam," and its use, by individuals interested in self-actualization, was therapeutic. But how and why did it become illegal? When excessive doses sufficient to cause changes are given to primates or rats, all evidence shows that such changes are temporary and without observable behavioral significance Battaglia, Yeh, and DeSouza, ; Ricaurte, He made three basic findings: MDMA received free advertising as a result of media publicity, which was beneficial for those MDMA distributors interested in expanding their markets.

In May,an Expert Committee on Drug Dependence for the International Convention was scheduled to issue a ruling on MDMA and a large number of other similar substances for possible inclusion in the treaty.

How Ecstasy Was Banned

Lester Grinspoon of Harvard Medical School. The scheduling process itself had numerous problems and was of dubious legality. At issue was whether or not MDMA had: Ethnographic notes on "ecstasy" use among professionals. The appropriate schedule for drugs that have no accepted medical use but only medium or low potential for abuse is extremely unclear.

Final report to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Shulgin, known as the godfather of ecstasy, claims to have synthesised MDMA himself following the conversation and began taking the drug. Use grew by word of mouth, with occasional periods of greater supply than demand.

This is perhaps the most regrettable aspect of its illegality, as argued by the therapists during the hearings. And while media reports did not cause this group to rush out and try to find MDMA, if it did appear in their social worlds, they now, because of the publicity, had some familiarity with the drug.

Numerous psychiatrists asserted that MDMA did have an acceptable medical use. The DEA Administrative hearing process began in the fall of Therefore, although some individuals use MDMA frequently at the beginning, they eventually taper their use in order to derive the maximum benefit Beck et al.

DEA Administrative Judge Young planned to hold hearings in three separate cities, with lawyers arguing over scientific data, governmental statistics, and expert witnesses. Nor was United States scheduling completely an independent decision.

Blum pointed out that the National Academy of Sciences report found that marijuana had no marked effects on EEG and that the EEG in the ad was from a person either asleep or in a coma.

Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Members of MDMA distribution networks were also interviewed in an effort to trace trends in production and sales of the drug. It should have spent more time gathering information before making a reactive, largely blind decision.

News accounts, which were primarily favorable reports the nickname alone was enoughpiqued the interest of casual recreational as opposed to therapeutic drug users. This was overruled by the DEA and the ruling still stands to this day. Some psychoactive drugs are legal such as alcohol and tobacco, despite the medical dangers associated with prolonged use.

There were pyramid sales structures, numbers and credit card purchase options. Many consumers of ecstasy are often unaware of the exact compound of what they are purchasing, and quite often the drug is not sold in a pure MDMA form. This is partially due to the fact that they are not only considered socially acceptable, but the risks are also significantly miniscule in comparison to other psychoactive substances.The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is one of the leaders behind the modern-day psychedelic research movement, and the scientists who have been heading the research into the therapeutic benefits of MDMA say that the drug could be an FDA-approved medicine in just 5 years.

According to this authoritative survey, ecstasy use among heavy drug users is substantial, and 15 per cent use ecstasy weekly.

An online survey in Britain tsuggests MDMA users were more likely to report dependence symptoms than users of cocaine. Ecstasy is currently considered an illicit drug under Canadian legislation, as it should be.

However, as with any other drug, prohibition does not entirely eliminate the use and distribution of ecstasy. Efforts need to be increased in providing awareness for users of the risks involved in ecstasy use. MDMA Use as Non-Problematical.

MDMA should not have been made illegal because it never was, and continues not to be, a significant social problem. "Ecstasy" use has not surfaced as a significant problem because there are. Aug 02,  · Pre there were "0" deaths from legal ecstasy.

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"0". Postthe DEA comes in forces the manufacturing process underground. In order to keep up with demand, ruthless dealers then cut it with whatever drugs are easily Resolved. So ecstasy can have cocaine, caffeine, PCP, cough syrup junk and on and on and on pressed in it, thus making it not that big word up there.

Most people that say molly just unknowingly shortened the word molecular.

Should ecstasy be legal
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