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Backings Company created these paintings; similar backings were used to extend the length of ship hallways and the rec room set. Or if it really is great, will we like those humans who do defeat it? Roddenberry had insisted that the technology aboard the Enterprise be grounded in established science and scientific theories.

In fact, a mounted plaque looks as though it reads "Voyager VI. The idea for Phase II was that Chekov would have looked out toward space while crosshairs in the bubble tracked targets.

And an investigation of the energy cloud turns into an overlong display of flashing lights and kaleidoscopic lines. To move away from that look, Michelson created a new, bent and angular design.

The Troubled Production of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

It also has publicity advantages if properly released at the right time. The scene planned was the chaotic mess aboard the Enterprise bridge as the crew readies the ship for space travel; Wise directed 15 takes into the late afternoon before he was content with the scene.

The salon also prescribed a daily scalp treatment routine of cleansing bars, brilliantine lotion, conditioner, makeup remover, and cleansing lotion. Most of the bridge consoles, designed by Lee Cole, remained from the scrapped television series.

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Scripts were numbered and lists kept of who received each copy. Having monitored the surprise attack, Federation space station Epsilon IX is still unable to prevent itself from becoming the next victim of this vast, mysterious energy cloud. Each sequence was then storyboarded and left to Kline to execute.

Any number of our people fell through it. It is, in fact, consequential enough merely for an episode of the TV show; it could even be an unused idea resuscitated and fleshed out for this feature length endeavor. A few ad-libbed ceremonies were performed before the cameras rolled; Roddenberry gave Wise his baseball cap, emblazoned with "Enterprise" in gold lettering the cap was a gift from the captain of the nuclear carrier Enterprise.

Concept artist Andrew Probert helped refine the redesign. Each costume had the shoes built into the pant leg to further the futuristic look. Each ear was made of latex and other ingredients blended together in a kitchen mixer, then baked for six hours. Kirk has command of his beloved U.

The communicators were radically altered, as by the s the micro-miniaturization of electronics convinced Roddenberry that the bulky handheld devices of the television series were no longer believable.

Abel had been replaced by Trumbull, a genius with a proven track record in producing stunning effects, but also a reputation for allowing his perfectionism to cause delays.

Announced by Roddenberry in JunePhase II would have provided a fusion of the old and new, with returning stars from the original series being joined by a gallery of new faces. Eisner announced to an assembled group of reporters that a film spin-off from the cult Trek TV show was finally going to be made.

Nimoy had read the script and thoroughly disliked it, but still he found his attitude towards Star Trek soften just a little - not least because he thought of what it would look like if he remained the only member of the original Trek cast who refused to return.

To create the illusion of depth and long visible distances, the art department staff worked on designs that would utilize forced perspective ; [48] set designer Lewis Splittgerber considered the engine room the most difficult set to realize.

Following that, Nimoy turned to the New York theatre to appear in the play Equus.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

Admiral Nogura is persuaded by Admiral James T. The set was designed and fabricated in four and a half weeks, and was filmable from all angles; parts of the set were designed to pull away for better camera access at the center. Although accounts differ somewhat over what exactly happened, the fate of Phase II was decided in a single meeting between Eisner, Livingston, and producer Robert Goodwin.

Much of the materials for these casual clothes were found in the old storerooms at Paramount, where a large amount of unused or forgotten silks, crepes, and leathers lay in storage. Different lighting schemes were used to simulate different decks of the ship with the same length of corridor.The Troubled Production of Star Trek: The Motion Picture Massive cost overruns, script rewrites and an angry Leonard Nimoy.

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Ryan charts the battle to make the original Star Trek. STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE is my favorite STAR TREK film. For me, they could have stopped there and never made another.

Of all the STAR TREK films this is the closest to the original series and the effects are not only very alluringly artistic, but a.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Essay - The film I’m discussing is Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The film, which takes place in the 23rd century, is about the newly appointed Admiral Kirk and his crew taking back the Enterprise in order to stop a force that is threatening Earth.

I. t begins with the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” music (or, rather, the incredibly recognizable theme music by Jerry Goldsmith that that later television series would borrow), before showing unconvincing spaceships cruise across a starry stretch of space.

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Influences on Star Trek the Motion Picture () Onscreen, Star Wars () and Star Trek () present two very different science fiction visions of space traveling civilizations, but the influences that Star Wars had on the motion picture industry are inescapable for the Star Trek, which followed two years later.

Star trek the motion picture essay
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