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Our products Sunsilk makes hair products you will enjoy trying, exploring, using and discovering. Media advertising[ edit ] Sunsilk began its first television advertising in with a campaign that focused on specific Sunsilk report "issues".

Gang of Girls[ edit ] InSunsilk India launched a social networking site called Gang of Girls, [8] which offered its users access to a variety of local and global experts to address various hair care needs through its content, blogs and live chat room. This pilot programme aims to build a sisterhood between girls to support each other as they think about expanding their horizons through inspiration and tools.

Expanding horizons in Brazil Due to social and cultural restrictions, often girls and women in Brazil find themselves Sunsilk report fewer options and opportunities than boys and men in education and work.

Sunsilk significantly improved product formula and launched new variants in Contact Sunsilk in your country Search for your country to find the product information and contact details Today, we have a wider range of possibilities than ever before.

At the time, Sunsilk had an advantage over other shampoos in the market as it only needed one application, and so meant washing less natural oils from the hair. By the same year, Sunsilk has been marketed as hair range using technologies made by the "Elida Hair Institute".

In the UKthe campaign focused on shiny hair. The singer and her music have since featured in several Sunsilk adverts. Simple, vibrant, full of colour and scents, Sunsilk stands shoulder to shoulder with us every step of the way.

Inthe whole Sunsilk range was re-launched, with improved formulations and packaging design to bring the brand into the s. Magazine[ edit ] InSunsilk Sedal launched the first hair only glossy magazine in Argentina aiming to communicate to the professional hair industry. Sunsilk also sponsored their following tour.

Sedal shampoo bottle The logo of Sunsilk in InSunsilk Tonic shampoo was launched, containing skin healing ingredient Allantoin — designed to help keep the scalp free from infection.

This is a very exciting time for Sunsilk, with more to come… More about Sunsilk. This is where Sunsilk comes in. Sunsilk was launched in the UK inand by it was available in 18 different countries worldwide. At the same time, Sunsilk was launched in Europe, Brazil and in Asia.

InSunsilk was marketed as a range of shampoos for different hair types. InSunsilk styling mousse was launched and 2 years later a conditioning mousse followed. Sunsilk Pro-Colur offers a range of seven permanent colours from natural black to copper with purple, red and gold tints.

Welcome to the Sunsilkhood! It was launched in India and Thailand. Sunsilk was also available in such tubes. By the early s, Sunsilk was manufactured in 27 countries, and was the closest thing to a global hair care brand. Availability[ edit ] Sunsilk is available in over 60 countries worldwide.Sunsilk (Sedal in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries, Seda in Brazil, Elidor in Turkey, Hazeline in China) is a hair care brand produced by the Unilever group.

The brand was introduced in in the UK, available in most global countries. It is the number one hair care brand in Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and.

Sunsilk brand audit report "project of Strategic Brand Management" Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of. Situation Analysis / Current Marketing Mix Current Product The benefit that Sunsilk brings towards its customers lies in the fact that it has an established brand name, in fact the most established in many countries.

Annual report and Key Performance Indicators of Sunsilk. It includes the overall revenue of the company, considering not only the sales of finished goods, but all of the sources of the company income.

Aug 09,  · longer hair is no more a fantasy! Surprise your friends with stunning long hair upto 4cm in just 3 months! #Sunsilk #LongHairGoals #SunsilkLongandHealthy.

Sunsilk is a brand with purpose at its heart, being one of the Unilever Sustainable Living Brands. For Phase 1, in Sunsilk put this thinking into action in a new partnership with non-profit Plano de Menina, where we co-created the “#JuntasArrasamos” (#TogetherWeRock) programme.

Sunsilk report
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