The rites of passage and liminality essay

Here I will deal primarily with his first three studies on liminality: What about the those children whom like myself raised by the hands assistance of the government through foster care, these children still should be given positive encouragement, preparation from seasoned adults who are well established and able to give good advice and it is their job to ensure that they are aware of the outside influencers that can affect their judgment.

When I first arrived in Korea, I was still on the move. Are they then liminal outsiders? When a marriage proposal is initiated there is a liminal stage between the question and the answer during which the social arrangements of both parties involved are subject to transformation and inversion; a sort of "life stage limbo" so to speak in that the affirmation or denial can result in multiple and diverse outcomes.

Liminality Applied Ultimately, liminality proves to be a very slippery concept when it is taken out of the ritual context in which it was first conceived. A researcher, often unconsciously, selects what to observe, how to record observations and how to interpret observations based on personal reference points and experiences.

If it is, it is not clear where it fits into his formulation, and if it is not, it is not clear why it is excluded. In reality illegal immigrants present but not "official"and stateless people, for example, are regarded as liminal because they are "betwixt and between home and host, part of society, but sometimes never fully integrated".

That is, categories with strict definitions tend to cover less ground, and thus there are generally holes in their coverage.

For example, the hippy attitude toward sex is that it is an instrument of communitas rather than a means of forming structural bonds that is, through marriage.

Parents, teachers and those who are influencer in the child life should fulfill their roles by providing that child with the necessary safety net to avoid making the wrong decisions.

Even if I should return to my native land, I will still be suspended between two cultures. Yet liminality is a midpoint between a starting point and an ending point, and as such it is a temporary state that ends when the initiate is reincorporated into the social structure.

So where does that leave liminality?

If we move beyond the strict ritual meaning of liminality, the difference is not readily apparent. For best results, I would recommend reading the whole essay.

Some scholars argue that ethnographers are present in their research, occupying a liminal state, regardless of their participant status.

About: What is Liminality?

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Turner would have defined me as a marginal rather than a liminal, because my situation promises no resolution. If that is the case, then the standard for division is not an imagined spatial relationship in terms of social structure, but whether or not the subject has any choice in his or her position.

Rites of passage is an induction for the child to transition from on stage to another and a foundation for them to build their lives to become productive citizens and thus process again with the next generation that they shall raise.

Upon having their wounds fully healed, they were then allowed to return unto their village as men. This marks the period in which every female and adolescent males will go through. Instead of the liminal being a passage, it seemed to be coming to be regarded as a state Turner first formulated his theory of liminality in the late s, and it continued to be a central theme in his work until his death in That is not to say that the temporal nature of liminality should be one of its defining characteristics.

Marginality, for example, is just that: The Terminalis a US film in which the main character Viktor Navorski is trapped in a liminal space; since he can neither legally return to his home country Krakozhia nor enter the United States, he must remain in the airport terminal indefinitely until he finds a way out at the end of the film.

In a number of cultures, actions and events on the first day of the year can determine the year, leading to such beliefs as First-Foot. Are they outsiders simply because they have opted out of the normal social order? This rite of passage is a widely accepted belief cross culturally, a phenomenon which reveals to anthropologist the complexities of human development, social hierarchies, values, and beliefs which are pertinent in specific cultures.

In real life, these standards are not always mutually exclusive, and I personally do not find it that useful to draw a distinction between marginality and inferiority.

Rites of Passage

Teenagers, being neither children nor adults, are liminal people: This collective group of young boys going through the liminal stage is called a communitas, which is an intense togetherness spirit that solidifies the community and the statuses of the participants.

In the modern world, though as we can see in Catch Me If You Canthis same freedom can become a liability. I still feel like I am between two worlds, but I am no longer in a liminal state.A rite of passage is a ceremony and this ceremony marks the transition from one phase of life to another.

Although it is often used to describe the tumultuous transition from adolescence to adulthood, it does refer to any of life’s transitions (Births and Beginnings, Initiations, Partnering, and Endings or Death). Liminality is the most solid of the three categories, but that is only because Turner ties it directly to the experience of initiates undergoing rites of passage in ritual societies.

If we acknowledge, as Turner does, that liminality can exist outside of this scope, the boundaries of liminality as well become blurred. Rites of Passage Essay David Yurovsky Period 3 Boozer March 27, Throughout the world, every It’s a quality of individuals engaging in liminality collectively with passion.

The Rites of Passage and Liminality Essay Sample

All forms of statuses achieved have some hint of sacredness. In this essay I attempt to explain Van Gennep's theory of 'Rites of Passage' and Victor Turner's uses of the terms 'liminality' and 'communitas' (Turner, ) by using an example from a ritual I have witnessed and experienced personally.

Rites of passage Arnold van Gennep. Van Gennep, who coined the term liminality, published in his 'Rites de Passage', a work that explores and develops the concept of liminality in the context of rites in small-scale societies. Van Gennep began his book by identifying the various categories of rites.


The term "Liminality" is a new word that became synonymous with Victor Turner's work in "The Ritual Process" published inbut in turn seems from "The Rights of Passage" by Arnold Van Gannep.

Van Gennep's work focuses on the "rites of passage", which today is seen as a ritual for people in different forms of life.

The rites of passage and liminality essay
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