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Despite being good for defense, Zelda is also a good offensive character, able to utilize combos and possessing many powerful finishers as well. The time it takes Zelda project the fire to return and the amount of damage depends on how far Zelda launched it; if Zelda project action is taken after it is set, the fire will automatically return to her itself later.

Final hit of up smash has slightly increased base knockback. Other moves that Zelda can use for spacing include her jab, which has disjointed hitboxes, and her neutral aerial, which is good for aerial spacing. Up smash has smaller hitboxes, and can no longer hit some grounded characters.

It also no longer puts Zelda into free fall if used in the air. Forward tilt has reduced knockback on all hitboxes. Launch hit of forward smash has less base knockback but more growth, dealing less knockback at lower damages but more at higher damage, also taking greater effect with smash charge.

However, it is slightly faster. Her up tilt, up aerial, and back throw are also KO moves at high percentages. However, the kick behind Zelda has increased damage and knockback. Down tilt has increased damage.

The sweetspot is a powerful KO move on a grounded opponent. Thigh flub hitbox on down aerial has slightly improved power and combo potential from ground bounces.

Zelda (PM)

Hit sound effects adjusted for sweetspots. Down aerial has somewhat increased shield damage and a bigger sweetspot, and more knockback growth against grounded targets. Forward and up smashes link much better; while the latter uses its superior Brawl format with reduced hitlag, the former has more favorable angles for the multiple hits, both hitting faster and with fewer freeze frames.

Graphical Zelda project on grabs adjusted. Sweetspotted down aerial now deals extra shield damage. Sweetspot duration reduced for down aerial. In Project M Version 3. Although she is much better character than either her Melee or Brawl iterations, Zelda still has many weaknesses.

Aerial Attacks[ edit ] Neutral aerial has larger hitboxes and does more damage if all hits connect. Forward throw deals less damage.

Up aerial has an early hitbox at the base of her fingertips which starts earlier and deals weak electric damage, linking into the explosion itself.Zelda is a playable character in the Brawl mod Project M.

She was one of the most buffed characters from Melee and Brawl, going from being a bottom tier character in both Melee and Brawl to a formidable fighter that can be played without need of Sheik. TheZeldaProject - Official home of the most talked about Zelda Project to date involving hollywood calibur photoshoots and a state of the art fan-made trailer!

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The Zelda Project: The Final Battle

The Zelda Project is a group of friends who seek to bring to life the characters, settings, and. The latest Tweets from The Zelda Project (@TheZeldaProject).

The Zelda Project is a group of friends who seek to bring to life the characters, settings, and overall feel of. An impoverished actor is given the chance to star in a major motion picture, but the torment caused by the women of his past, and present, shape a boy whose progression to manhood, is uncertain.

Zelda project
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